An Error Has Occurred On The Wii. Press the Eject Button.

We recently bought an interesting looking game for the Wii called Block Party – it consists of a number of mini games which look fun. However, when we got home it would not play and we were introduced to a new message on the Wii that we have not seen before.

No problem, we took the game back to the shop and had it exchanged for another disc but when we got home – guess what, the same problem. The particular error seems quite different to the usual messages we get on the Wii as it is simply white text on a black background stating:

“An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button and remove the disc, then turn the Wii console off and refer to the Wii Operations Manual for help troubleshooting.”

\nNintendo Wii Error MessageThe first thing we tried was ejecting the disc then switching the Wii off and on again – the same message was displayed. Next, we tried leaving the Wii off for about fifteen minutes before switching it back on – still nothing but the same message. All the other games work just fine however Block Party just does not want to play ball.

One observation we made is that just prior to the message appearing the drive makes an unusual clicking sound which lasts about five seconds before displaying the message shown above.

Some of the things we have tried so far:

  • Cleaning the game disc – this has not rectified the problem. Also, we have tried two different discs for this particular game and all our other game discs work fine.
  • Switching the console off for 15 minutes and switching on again – this did not resolve the problem.
  • Checked the Nintendo Wii support forums for issues with specific games – Block Party is not listed.
  • Checking we have the latest firmware. There are no further updates

Things we have not yet tried:

  • Laying the Wii on its side to see if the game works
  • Blowing out the disc slot with compressed air
  • Trying the game on a different Wii – we have already swapped out the game though and all other games we have play fine.
  • Investigating if this might be related to the Wii Fit we purchased recently (a few searches on the internet show a number of people have mentioned this problem shortly after buying a Wii fit).

One problem searching the internet seems to point to could be a problem with the laser itself however it seems odd all the other games we have work fine. If we cannot resolve this problem the only alternative seemed to be to contact the Nintendo Wii support team.

We will post updates as we try and resolve this problem.

UPDATE: We tried putting the Wii on its side to see if the game works but the problem remains. We have also tried leaving the Wii off and unplugged for 24 hours with still no luck.

UPDATE: We have tried the game on two other Wii units and it brings the same message up. I think we can be pretty sure it must have something to do with the game Block Party so we are giving up on the game. We returned it to Morrisons where we bought the game but as we couldn”t find the receipt they gave us a really hard time over refunding it even though it had a Morrisons sticker on the case and we explained they had already exchanged it previous week. In the end, after giving us a lot of grief, the store manager agreed to give us a credit slip for the value of the game.

One thought on “An Error Has Occurred On The Wii. Press the Eject Button.”

  1. I have tried blowing but still no luck. I don’t think anythings wrong with the games, try looking at how much memory it has taken up. I have tried other games and they don’t work either. My games are Sims 3 and just dance, i have not looked at any other games.I can’t find any good websites with free manuals for the wii. Do you mind to keep a look out for any for me?

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